People at CAMP-YES

Michael Georgiopoulos Michael Georgiopoulos
Dean and Professor - College of Engineering and Computer Science

Michael Georgiopoulos is the Dean of the College of Engineering & Computer Science, a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is the PI and Program Director of the CAMP-YES program, and Co-PI of the Central Florida - STEM Training Consortium (CF-STEM). Dr. Georgiopoulos' research interests lie in the areas of machine learning, neural networks, pattern recognition and applications in signal/image processing, communications, medical field, manufacturing, transportation engineering, amongst others. Dr. Georgiopoulos is a Director of the Machine Learning Laboratory at UCF ( Please contact Dr. Georgiopoulos by e-mailing him at

Lisa Massi Lisa Massi
Director, Operations Analysis (Accredidation, Assessment, & Data Administration - College of Engineering and Computer Science

Lisa Massi serves as the primary educational analyst for the College of Engineering & Computer Science. She is a Co-PI and Operations Director of the CAMP-YES program. She is also program evaluator for a NSF-funded REU program titled, "REU Site: Hard and Soft Materials in Nanoscience Technology Driven Energy Applications." Dr. Massi's research interests include factors that impact persistence and career choices in the STEM fields. Please contact Dr. Massi at

Mari Pina Mari Pina
Director of Employer Partnerships and Internship Placements - College of Engineering & Computer Science

Mari Pina is the Director of Employer Partnerships and Internship Placements for the CAMP-YES Internship Program and IT Certifications Program. She is responsible for tracking student and employer communication, recruitment and placement along with tracking the progress of the student's experiences YES Internship Program. Please contact Ms. Pina by emailing her at

Kim Small Kim Small
Director, Academic Support Services - College of Engineering and Computer Science

Kim Small is the Director of Academic Support Services in the College of Engineering and Computer Science Academic Affairs Office. This office is responsible for the advisement of undergraduate students in the college, administration of the college retention programs, administration of curricular changes in programs, and coordination of the college scholarship program. She is the academic advisor for the CAMP-YES students. Mrs. Small's interests lie in the areas of retention and transition for FTIC and transfer students. Please contact Mrs. Small by emailing her at

Michael Jeffries Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries
Director, Academic Advancement Programs

Michael Aldarondo-Jeffries is the Director of the Academic Advancement Programs. He is a Co-PI for the CAMP-YES Program and responsible for the research path. Michael has been able to build collaborative relationships with several institutions (international and domestic) to create opportunities for underrepresented students to conduct summer research and explore graduate school. Please contact Mr. Aldarondo-Jeffries by emailing him at

Oscar Rodriguez Oscar Rodriguez
Start-ups Director and Instructor, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Oscar Rodriguez is a seasoned business executive, technologist and innovator, having held various leadership positions in both public and private U.S. firms. He has more than 28 years of leadership experience, spanning high-technology product development, marketing, executive sales, and operations with large multi-nationals such as Motorola, DuPont, Nortel Networks, Alcatel and Lucent-Bell Labs, and in key entrepreneurial leadership roles with several private high-technology start-up companies. He currently works with the College of Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, and is focused on developing student entrepreneurship to drive innovation-based ventures. He is the Director of Start-ups for the college, and is the Entrepreneurship Path course instructor. Please contact Mr. Rodriguez by emailing him at

Teresa Dorman Teresa Dorman
Associate Dean - College of Sciences

Dr. Teresa Dorman is the Associate Dean for the College of Sciences. In this role, she oversees undergraduate academic and student services for the college and serves as an advisor to faculty, staff and students. Her research and professional interests are in program and student development, including curriculum alignment, academic performance and progress, attrition and retention, student success, and issues of academic quality.

Richard Quinn Richard Quinn
Associate Instructor - College of Business Administration

Mr. Quinn is the academic mentor and coach for the Internship and Entrepreneurship Paths of CAMP-YES. Mr. Quinn joined the Management faculty of the University of Central Florida's College of Business Administration in 1999 after retiring from a successful 27-year career at Eastman Kodak Company. Mr. Quinn currently teaches Management Strategy, Entrepreneurship, New Venture Finance, and Business Plan Development at the college. Mr. Quinn is a founding member of UCF's Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and serves as the Executive Director of UCF's Florida Small Business Resources Association. While at Kodak, Mr. Quinn served as Manager, Worldwide Market Planning for the Office Imaging Division where he was responsible for managing Office Imaging's Document Imaging Systems business unit within the U.S. and Canada, including execution of the U.S. and Canadian Market annual operating plan and development of pricing, promotion, and channel strategies. Please contact Mr. Quinn by e-mailing him at

Joanna Knowles Joanna Knowless
Program Assistant

Joanna Knowles is the CAMP-YES Program Assistant. She is responsible for tracking the progress of students throughout the course of their involvement with the programs. She also organizes student and staff events and has responsibilities in several logistical areas of the program. Joanna is a second-year Master's student in UCF's Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy program. She is an alumnus of UCF with a B.A. in Organizational Communication and a minor in Psychology. She also spent three years working for the technical library of a large engineering corporation.

Faculty Mentors

Participating faculty in the CAMP-YES program are arranged in alphabetical order by last name in the list below.

  • Reza Abdolvand (Electrical/Computer Eng.)
  • Karin Chumbimuni Torres (Chemistry)
  • Weiwei Deng (Mechanical Eng.)
  • Alvaro Estevez (Biotechnology)
  • Ali Gordon (Mechanical Eng.)
  • Peter Hancock (Psychology/Human Factors)
  • Woo Hyoung Lee (Environmental Eng.)
  • Jayanta Kapat (Mechanical Eng.)
  • Jeffrey Kauffman (Aerospace Eng.)
  • Jennifer Kent-Walsh (Communication Sciences & Disorders)
  • Eda Koculi (Chemistry)
  • Dmitry Kolpashchikov (Chemistry)
  • Xiaoman Li (Biomedical Sciences)
  • Zhe Liu (Math)
  • Pedro Quintana-Ascencio (Biotechnology)
  • Andrew Randall (Environmental Eng.)
  • Mohtashem Samsam (Biomedical Sciences)
  • William Self (Biology)
  • Suren Tatulian (Physics)

Industry Affiliates

Participating companies that provide industry mentors for CAMP-YES program are arranged in alphabetical order in the list below.

  • Act-Chargers
  • AgileSrC, LLC
  • BBA Aviation USA, Inc.
  • Cameron Resources Group
  • Career Fair Plus
  • Central Florida Expressway
  • Datanautix
  • Design Launchers
  • dicapta
  • Envirobrite
  • Feyman Nano
  • Mitsubishi
  • NDI
  • One Stop
  • Orlando Utilities Commission
  • Sightplan
  • Sonobi
  • StratEx Partners
  • Talon Simulation
  • US Army Research Laboratory
  • VGlobalTech
  • Whatup Events

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